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Emma has a confident, professional touch. Her attention to reflexology is amazing as is her pressure and control. I could have floated off the table at many stages throughout my treatment. It's amazing to think that this is just the beginning of Emma's career. I've been a massage receiver and practitioner myself for well over 10 years and I would highly recommend you to my network and clients. Thank you Emma for restoring calm and peace to my body. If only I lived closer, I would book to see you every week.

Lucy Bayet Walker


I have had various types of massage over the years. While some are quite relaxing and soft I really felt that this type of massage really got the job done on a much deeper level! If you are like me and always seeking to heal yourself and release subconscious traumas, pains and worries you don't even know you are carrying around with you- then this is definitely for you! This is a deep tissue massage, not a feather tickle, just be aware. But so worth it! Already during the session I started having a release; feeling and memories. When I went to sleep that night the painful memory that resurfaced during the session manifested properly in the dream and I was able to address the issue consciously and have it released properly. I am going back for more as I want this practice to be a part of my life now. Thank you very much, I cannot recommend you and your practice highly enough.


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