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A therapy which helps to release limiting thoughts, beliefs and judgements from your subconscious

This treatment is a relaxing process whereby energy is run through the body by gentle touch of 32 points (or bars) on the head. The client does not need to undress and can simply relax whilst the process takes place.

The bars store electromagnetic components of thoughts, stress and locked up energy in the mind and body. They relate to all areas of life such as creativity, awareness, hopes & dreams, joy, sadness and many more.

When the energy is changed, you release limitations, blocks and difficulties. This in turn allows positive change, less effort and greater ease to enter your life.

Bars therapy can create space, stop self judgement and free up mental or physical pain. Energy levels are increased and sleep can improve.

After this treatment the worst case scenario is that you feel like you've had an amazing head massage and the best case scenario is that you've made a step in changing your life for the better.

Cosmetologist dressed in white coat massaging client's head. Female beautician touching wo
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